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For homeowners grappling with Japanese knotweed concerns, Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd offers a viable solution. Our 5 and 10-year control programmes and Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG), endorsed by the Property Care Association (PCA) and accepted by all major UK lenders, are designed to address and manage Japanese knotweed infestations effectively.

Moreover, homeowners have the option to augment their plan with an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). This guarantee, widely accepted by lenders, not only provides reassurance that the knotweed will be treated but also ensures ongoing control measures are in place should the plant re-emerge. The IBG serves as a safeguard against the potential resurgence of Japanese knotweed, guaranteeing that it will be promptly addressed to prevent any structural harm to the property.

In the realm of residential mortgage transactions, lenders are increasingly recognizing the potential threat posed by Japanese knotweed to properties. Consequently, prospective homebuyers may find themselves mandated to undergo a ‘Specialist Knotweed Survey’ or develop a ‘Knotweed Management Plan’ as a prerequisite for securing a mortgage.

Should a property exhibit signs of Japanese knotweed infestation, the recommended course of action involves commissioning a specialized survey conducted by experts such as Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd. Following the survey, the prospective homeowner is presented with a comprehensive Knotweed Management Plan (KMP). This plan encompasses a detailed account of survey findings, a knotweed risk assessment, recommended actions, and a cost estimate for the treatment or removal of the invasive plant.

Mortgage providers, eager to safeguard against potential structural damage caused by unchecked knotweed growth, stipulate that treatment must be carried out by a professional company accredited by the Property Care Association (PCA). Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd, with its PCA accreditation, stands out as a reputable choice for this purpose.

In essence, Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd.’s comprehensive approach, backed by accreditation and a robust guarantee system, offers a pragmatic solution for homeowners navigating the intricate landscape of Japanese knotweed-infested properties in the context of residential mortgage transactions.


Our five and ten year control programme, along with the option to include an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is widely accepted by UK lenders and includes a guarantee that can be extended. This guarantee provides assurance that the knotweed will be treated and controlled if it re-grows so that it will not cause any structural damage to your property.

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